Our parish is exploring a fundraising effort by making custom designs of apparel on the Amazon website. This is a print-on-demand service from Amazon, so our parish has zero inventory and no duties dealing with shipping. Everything is handled by Amazon and the church will make money on each piece of apparel. Please consider buying and sharing the link to these apparel designs on your personal social media pages, it will help us unlock another level to add more designs to our brand.

Mens, Womens, Youth, V-Neck, Raglan, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Zippered Sweatshirts and other designs available in a variety of colors. Some designs have print on the back. 

Other designs will follow, as long as purchases of the current selections increase, we can be allowed into other markets, more items and allowed more designs. Our parish will make between $3 on double-sided apparel to $6 on a sweatshirt. Above are all OUR parish designs. Future designs will be shown here, so you will know which ones our parish will get credited with your purchases. These are available in various colors, sizes and styles.

Destroying the Gates of Hades Since 33 AD Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Orthodoxy Faith of the Apostles Destroying the Gates of Hades Orthodoxy His is the Way
NICENE-Constantinopolitan Creed 325 & 381 AD T-Shirt
Striving w/Christ to Never Miss the Mark Don't Let Anything Deprive You of Hope

Nicene Creed It's What I Believe

Orthodox, but not Jewish. Evangelical, but not Protestant. Raglan Baseball Tee Orthodoxy His is the way Tall Cross version Tank Top
Orthodoxy His Is The Way Sweat

Orthodox, but not Jewish. Evangelical, but not Protestant. Raglan Baseball Tee

 Orthodoxy His Is The Way Tank

IC XC NI KA Raglan Baseball Tee

Straight Out of Catechism Tote

Glory to God for all things!

Straight Out of Catechism

C.R.T. - Confess, Repent, Theosis

Holy Scriptures - We Use All the Books

Book of Daniel - the 3 Youths

Christ Is Risen

Jesus Prayer


Byzantine Double Headed Eagle Sweatshirt

Byzantine Double Headed Eagle Pillow

The more you support us by purchasing these designs, the next tier will open and we can add more designs. ...and more to come!  




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